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Behind the scenes of a Cloud Gate Productions project.

Cloud Gate Productions is a full-service TV and video production company.


This fundamental step sets the tone for your entire production. From conceptualization to development and scripting to casting, crewing and scheduling, we know what it takes to put a successful project in motion. 



Join us in video village to watch the magic happen. We handle all aspects of production from supervision and management to producing, shooting and directing.

Hunter behind the scenes


This is where your story truly takes shape. From workflow management to media handling to editing and final delivery, we utilize all aspects of music, graphics, visual effects and sound design to bring your vision across the finish line. 

Post-production suite

Specialty Services

Often it's that special touch that makes your video memorable. We offer a wide range of VFX, color and original music scoring services to elevate your project to award-worthy status. In addition, we have a rich portfolio of specialty equipment vendors, studio space proprietors and below the line craftspeople to suit your shoot's every need.

Behind the scenes at a Cloud Gate Productions shoot


We create everything from television shows to national commercials to corporate videos to viral social content, long form digital videos and a whole lot more.

Scene Slate

Clients & Partners

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